As of yet untitled

by Nada Mas

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In progress


released January 2, 2017



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Nada Mas Louisville, Kentucky

Nada Mas is Zachary Goldstein

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Track Name: Happy New Year
I’ve been thinking of all of the stuff I could be doing instead of this. I lay on the floor for a minute or more to watch the visions then I’m moving ahead, back to “right now." I guess I should be scared or something, but it’s strange, I’ve got no control. Let the parking break go and clock the mileage.

I left something for you on the table.

You’re in my passenger’s seat, but I can’t take you with me. I might regret it later, but it’s okay. This is the car that I’ll take farther and farther away from what I said and what I meant to say. I’m sorry about what I could’ve helped out with and I left it up to you instead. If I had it again I would do something different, but I didn’t.

And I’m all “right now.” I’m looking forward to everything. I’m worried about everything.
Track Name: Aries
Sit me back down, I don't want to talk to anyone.
I don't have time for anyone.
Track Name: Title Track
Been trying not to call you. I'm trying just to be chilled out and take it not so serious. Find something else to think about.
Start watching lots of movies and drinking too much coffee too. Taking trips out of town, but look at where they've got me to.
I'm trying hard to be solid and not let it get to me the way it has. You made a dent to be honest. Still haven't found a way to smooth it back.
Sometimes it's like that, it doesn't mean anything. Still, have you noticed I'm growing up?