by Nada Mas

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wet weight wait water wet


released April 7, 2016



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Nada Mas Louisville, Kentucky

Nada Mas is Zachary Goldstein

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Track Name: A a A y ay
I'm trying to be that guy you hear from most of the time. I know I've got a lot of ground to make up.
Losing touch with friends and kind of like to spend a lot of time alone these days digging up some change for a matinee with the kind of stars like girls I used to know. Still haven't got that far,
but I would like to take this time to ask you about how's it going where you are now. I would like to take this time to rethink everything.

Wasted so much time holding onto a lie and making stories up to explain it away.
Can't keep that up for long. Get over and get on. It's not so bad to grow apart anyway.

And if nothing makes much difference in the end I'll understand.
Track Name: Pain of Proximity
I know that you meant well and I took it wrong. I know that I've been trying to make you someone else. Three cars in the drive when I pull up and bring my stuff inside. When it's just the four my heart expands. It makes my body sore, but I choose the pain.

The pain of "closer."

I keep my feelings down and words abound, but nothing's said because there's nothing to. We speak in our silent languages. We speak the pain.
Track Name: Good Morning Again
Wake up late for work tangled in my shirt. Turn my back against the wall and try to sleep it off. Can't make up an excuse, no time to think it through so I missed my chance today. What time does it say? I'm definitely late now.
Track Name: Tsk Tsk
No excuse for finishing a week late because I just let it go. Never been much of a finisher, too scared to try so I just let it go.

Twenty-five and doing it all wrong. At least I’m not all alone. Maybe I will figure it out when several more years or a girl come along.

Take a hike, take it easy, take good care of yourself. When you’re tired go to the movies, that’s where it’ll all lighten up.

Been here a while, going crazy. Time moves too damn slow. No use trying, just let it happen. Falling in love is inevitable.
Track Name: Little Sister Lessons
Throw yourself in. Waste no time discovering the spirit skin that covers everything. Be true of heart and sure of what you seek. Be for yourself and kind to human beings.

And when your paths feel like they’re crumbling, don’t lose your step, commit to running. Stay on your search, but know there is no need. It’s all in you. You are in everything.

This heavy soul is solid. You’re liquid gold I’m solid, I’m liquid gold you’re solid.